Path-Walkers to fear

Don’t be fooled. The Path is dangerous. Its proponents are dangerous AND fanatical, and should be feared with every breath you take.

If you see any of these Path-Walkers up close and in the flesh, kill if you can.

And then run.

Executor of The Path, Damascus Jacobi

Founder of The Path and self-appointed messiah. Full titles include: Executor of the Faith Jacobi, Lord High Commander of Holy Britain, Scourge of Heresy, Supreme Pious Protector and Hand of God on Earth.

Executor of The Path, Damascus JacobiA dangerous dictator, his brutality and devotion to the cult he has built around himself goes without saying.

His ‘vision’ for Holy Britain included the use of slave labour to build the Grand Cathedral from the ruins of London (ruins he made), the enforced adoption of children of opposition fighters into the Path-run Churches of Children (thus breeding a new generation ignorant of life away from The Path), destruction of the libraries, travel, power, municipal and healthcare infrastructure, dissolution of the formal economy, and the development of the militaristic Faith Protectorate, Heralds of The Path, Ministries for Civil Enforcement and the arming of the dreaded Iron-Clads.

No known vices. Origin: Unknown. Thought to be in poor health since 2091.

Kill on sight. His death would liberate a nation, and is worth a thousand Magdalenes.

The six Archdeacons of The Path

Second only to the Executor of The Path himself, the six Archdeacons of The Path exert direct control over the doctrine of The Path, its military and enforcement forces, and the economic governance of Holy London and Path-occupied Britain.

It is believed Jacobi founded the Archdeaconship with an even number of representatives to keep the waring members in constant stalemate, bolstering his hold on power. However, they are not to be underestimated – they are extremely dangerous, exert considerable influence over the fate of millions and are, individually and collectively, to be feared and despised in equal measure.

Kill on sight as many of these vicious wretches as providence allows.

Archdeacon Aristes

Archdeacon AristesKill on sight. One of the six Archdeacons of The Path’s so-called Senate. Known to imbibe alcohol, engage with prostitutes, smoke and read outlawed literature – these may be exploitable weaknesses. Highly-secretive. Is unusually scholarly and well-read. Origin and first name: Unknown.

Founder of the Protectors of the Faith, his influence is far-reaching. Thought to be deeply ambitious and a possible successor to Executor Jacobi.

Rumoured links to the mythic Nephilim of the Sword have so far proved unfounded. Has the support of Archdeacon Hawkes.

Archdeacon Hawkes

Archdeacon HawkesKill on sight.

Thought to be a ‘Lesser’ Archdeacon, Hawkes is however Aristes’ closest ally.

While rarely taking to the pulpit himself, Hawkes is a familiar figure in the announcement of New Directives, including the Dusk Curfew and the closure of the Underground System (2084).

Responsible (as of 2089) for the Ministry for Economic Governance, though to what extent he plays an active hand in the suppression of a free market is unclear.

Archdeacon Connor

Archdeacon ConnorKill on sight. Political marshall and founder of the Heralds of The Path army, Connor authorised the increased aggression on the Jericho Line.

Connor is as devoted to The Path doctrine as they come: a true Path disciple under Executor Jacobi. No known exploitable vices.

Possible successor, therefore, to Jacobi, and likely to use his influence as founder of the Heralds of The Path army to gain the upper hand in any struggle for power. Has the support of at least two ‘Lesser’ Archdeacons: Sawyer and Robertson.

Archdeacon Sawyer

Archdeacon SawyerKill on sight.

Thought to be a ‘Lesser’ Archdeacon, Sawyer is nevertheless an imposing figure. Responsible (c. 2085) for Domestic Faith Enforcement. Has few public duties.

No known exploitable vices, but so little is known of his personal or professional life, there may be rich seams to mine.

May prove to be a Progressionist, but should be eliminated regardless – as a warning to all proponents of The Path’s intolerance.

Archdeacon Robertson

Archdeacon RobertsonKill on sight. Thought to be a ‘Lesser’ Archdeacon, Robertson is a newcomer to the ranks despite his advanced years (exact age unknown).

Suspected of orchestrating the assassination of his rival, Archdeacon Ashwell.

True devotion to The Path: Unknown.

No known exploitable vices, although we believe that, due to his age, he may have been promoted to Archdeacon to appease other factions in The Path. We may be able to use this against him and his allies.

Archdeacon Trieste

Archdeacon TriesteKill on sight.

Trieste’s loyalties are not known, neither are his formal duties as an Archdeacon. He is rarely seen at Grand Assemblies and has been sighted only a handful of times outside the grounds of the Grand Cathedral.

However, as such a constant presence by the side of Executor Jacobi (he can be seen in the earliest images of Jacobi and the formation of the PPP), Trieste is believed to be involved in the high-end administration of The Path, possibly with relation to the other faith-states of Christendom – though this remains unsubstantiated.

The thirty-two Deacons of the Senate

The third tier of government within The Path, the 32 Deacons of the Senate are, largely, administrators uninterested in the furtherance of The Path cause, it’s religious doctrine or military conquest.

The 36 members of the Senate.

The 32 Deacons of the Senate.

They are, however, instrumental in the day-to-day governance of Holy London and Path-occupied Britain, with responsibility over food production and distribution, the national power grid (such as it is), the limited remaining national communications network, education (although the syllabus is determined by the Archdeaconship), the state-run Churches of Children orphanages, and general pastoral and metropolitan administration.

While their influence on doctrine and the cause of The Path is thought to be limited, efforts must be made to infiltrate, coerce and intimidate all members of the Senate – or if a target becomes clear, kill on sight to strike The Path where they will feel it.

Protector-General Douglas

Marshall DouglasKill on sight. Commander of the Faith Protectorate, Protector-General Nathaniel Douglas is a formidable military tactician noted for his valour. Strong, incisive, devoted to The Path.

While Douglas has been used in countless propaganda campaigns glorifying The Path (see ‘knight’ image, left, widely distributed throughout Holy Britain) and attempting to justify the unyielding devotion of his Protectors of the Faith as weapons of state control, we believe he is far more politically savvy than his public persona suggests – and, in turn, ambitious for power.

This makes him a potential threat to the infrastructure The Path has built, and possibly a future leader of a coup d’état should Jacobi or the Archdeacon’s stranglehold of power weaken.

Captain Harris

Captain Harris(Believed) Killed in Action. A feared military tactician and fanatical devotee of The Path, Captain Harris led the fiercest fighting on the ground in the Great Purges. Origin and first name: Unknown.

Possibly more than any other, he set the brutal tone of the Great Purges, overseeing siege tactics on defenseless resistance pockets and personally executing Magdalene leaders, seemingly for his personal satisfaction.

His name has become a byword for brutality amongst us Magdalenes. His body has never been recovered or venerated, which raises questions.

Chaplain Richards

Chaplain Richards, one of the most insidious faces of The Path. Assassinated within The Path. Chaplain Linus Richards marshalled the Great Purges as General of the Heralds of The Path. Formerly fiercely devoted to Archdeacon Connor and Executor Jacobi, his death is a mystery.

Widely venerated as a ‘Hero’ of The Path, he is known to have been a savage proponent of chemical and biological warfare – to win victory at any cost – and frequently conducted ‘starvation’ tactics: cutting off supply lines to whole towns, poisoning the water supply and authorising constant artillery shelling. His is the face of Evil.

Protector of the Faith, Bethlehem Christi, Third Class

Athletic, brave, thought to be highly intelligent. Lives alone. Virgin.

PProtector Bethlehem Christi_close uprotector Christi is notable as the first woman to join the ranks of the Faith Protectorate (c. 2083) and first since to rise to the rank of Third Class.

Although she is now joined by a handful of other women in the Protectorate, Christi remains of significant interest to the Magdalenes and, it seems, to Archdeacon Aristes.

Leaked documents to this effect have cited Christi as of ‘Noted Importance’, though what this exactly means, and what implications it has on her as an individual, remains to be seen.

Protector Emlyn WilloughbyChristi professes to be a devoted Path-Walker, but has shown signs of compassion. Her parents may have been Magdalenes killed in the Great Purges, with her surname, Christi, most likely given to her from an initial spell in the Christi Church of Children orphanage (Municipal Zone Beta – μζβ – Holy London). Consequently, her true surname and family history are not known to us.

Sole known associate: Protector of the Faith, Emlyn Willoughby, Third Class (inset). It is suspected he harbours romantic aspirations for Christi.

Identity: Unknown

Identity UnknownThis man has been sighted in Holy London. That he has evaded capture by the Faith Protectorate brings him to our attention.


He is an unknown quantity and could be extremely dangerous.

They are only men.  They can be killed.